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The Lonely Heart

The Lonely Heart 

Brandee is an amazing woman who I truly admire. I have enjoyed working with her and I know that you all would just adore her!!  I couldn't have written her about page better than she did so have I included it below in her words:

...every heart has a story

Ours begins with a few hearts & a prayer that was answered!

When I started The Lonely Heart it was my last hope to save all our dreams we had built over the years. God was merciful & blessed us richly!

I am asked a lot why the shop is named The Lonely Heart when you specialize in love, romance & weddings. When I started the shop, I needed to be able to create in all kinds of media as the mundane can destroy one’s soul, I love to explore & try new things, I did not want to be tied to one thing. Hearts can be created from anything & everything, so the shop was to be just focused on a shape, instead of a media. Thus my hearts were to be a “lonely heart” until they found a forever home. I never dreamed I would be serving the wedding industry. So now I just smile & chuckle when I share the shop’s name!

I love hearts! A heart is a very powerful symbol we can each relate to & it unites us. There is something special when you gift your heart to someone, it's a gift filled with love, trust & opens us up to vulnerability; it is the ultimate gift you can give. My favorite hearts are the ones that have already been loved. They show the marks of a life much like us in our struggles, discoveries, & joy in our journey of life. No two hearts are exactly alike making them unique just like us! The gift of a heart can celebrate life, new beginnings, morn with us, or simply make us smile knowing someone is thinking of us!

We hit a major business goal of 10,000 sales in 2014 thanks to our Lord & our amazing customers! We celebrated with a shop makeover, a jar filled with 10,000 pennies & dinner. One of my favorite things about my business is I am surrounded daily by the people I love dearly! Our work space has touches of our bond & love throughout it. I believe it shows in our creations that we share & create for our clientele.

Each one of us at The Lonely Heart has a soft spot for love & romance. I truly believe it shows in our work & customer service. Our clients are the heartbeat to our hearts! Our customer service is second to none, read our feedback, you become part of our family when you purchase from The Lonely Heart.

When asked for some fun facts about Brandee I adored her responses!  She told me to pick and choose a few but I simply couldn't so here are her responses <3

Random Facts about Me:

My hubby & I have 5 daughters. I wish we had bought stock in toilet paper when we first started having children! Did I mention I have 5 daughters?

I used to be a borderline obsessive neat freak. Now as a maker I am a true mess-oholic. I feel like I found my calling!

My favorite shop tool is a sterling silver master butter knife; it’s absolutely beautiful & my go to tool for just about everything!

My shop & life is run by, in this order: Jesus, coffee, family & love.

I have been in love with the color white since I was 8, everything (and I do mean everything) in my life is white except my clothes then I only wear dark gray.

I wake up at 2:30 AM everyday, but I am not a morning person by any means! Sleeping in to me is 3AM and that is very rare!

I didn’t wear shoes until I was 21. I only carried a pair of simple canvas slip-ons in case of emergencies. Then my boss at that time threatened to fire me. Now the first thing I do every morning is slip on my shoes & only take them off for showers & bedtime.

When I was a child I wanted to travel the world through the postal system being delivered to random destinations & so I could meet new strangers and see new places.

I also wanted to grow up to be mermaid, but I moved from Alaska to Arizona where there is no ocean. So I decided I wanted to be an Amazon woman instead. I was always really tall for my age. I am the same height I was when I was in 5th grade almost 5’7”.

I have a huge collection of heart rocks well over 500. Wherever I go I try to find one if there are rocks, even if it’s landscaping at a business! Whenever a family member goes on a vacation or somewhere special without me, they bring me home a heart rock to add to my collection!

I detest buying new unless it is a necessity! I am in love with old, vintage, used, repurposed & handmade! I love the uniqueness that comes with it; I don’t want what everybody else has. I want my purchases made with love & care that can only come from a small business. Every detail of their passion shows in their work because it is a part of their heart & soul!

You must check out her etsy and all of her gorgeous creations, tell her I said hello!