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Her Bath Bombs were featured in our Mother's Day Gift Box &  also were one of our random surprises in our Hodge Podge Box in July
Introducing Katie Benson with Suds Bucket Read her interview below to get to know more about her amazing life!  She not only owns her own business with Spa items but has also traveled to Paris to go junking.... A girl after my own heart!!! 
Is there a special meaning behind your business name?
Not really, just loved the image of a galvanized metal bucket full of sudsy water. Country imagery and a feeling of "the good old days". And reminded me of that country song, "she left the suds in the bucket, and the clothes hanging out on the line..." By Sara Evans
Where are you located?
Prineville, Oregon small town USA
Tell us about your roots! What drove you to start your business and when was it started?
I moved from the city of Portland to small town USA, Prineville, in sunny Central Oregon. I went from having access to all things at my fingertips to having to drive an hour away to my nearest Target, Costco, kids dentist, Hobby Lobby etc! I'm​ a stay at home mama of four kiddos. Bath time is MY time!!! It's where I revive, reset and enjoy peace n quiet! I actually get to have thoughts to myself! Ha! Bathing is a gift of time and relaxation for me, I love to indulge in bath products and there was a small shop I LOVED to visit back in the Portland area. I would go in and sniff all the yummy bath products and treat myself to their bath bomb bar! Plus they would always box them up so lovely and wrap the box so cute! A little gift to myself! They closed, sadly, the owner was having health issues. We moved three hours away and I lost access to my favorite bath goodies and any brick and mortar type shops that would have them. This was before the world of online shopping for me lol but anyway...I decided I was going to just make my own bath goodies! I was giving my bath bombs away to my friends as gifts and then I was encouraged to have a booth at our local MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) holiday bizarre. They were a hit! I just love making them!!!! I love sharing them!!! Plus, it offers a little side income for my family that has provided so many extras and has helped us out in a pinch when we needed it. I'm so thankful for my little mama made business and so grateful for the support that has been shown to me and Suds Bucket! I'm a creative type so this fulfills my need to create in so many ways!
What is a fun fact about yourself?
I've been to Paris twice with a group called The Plucky Maidens! We go flea marketing and junking in Paris!!! I loooooove rustic chippy old things but I also love a bit of bling and glam 😜 French junk is the best!!!
What would you like customers to know most about you?
I love doing what I get to do! I might do a happy dance every time I fulfill an order. My heart is to provide the same experience and solace I find when I get to bathe away!

To see more of Katie's products check out:

Instagram: @kbensonmama


She is currently revamping her Etsy store so follow her Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date!