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House Fenway

Introducing Melissa from House Fenway!!  Read our interview below to hear more about this amazing lady and visit her at the links listed below to see more!!

Is there a special meaning behind your business name?
We bought a new house and it's located on Fenway drive. It seemed like a natural fit.
Where are you located?
Waukesha, WI just outside Milwaukee
Tell us about your roots! What drove you to start your business and when was it started?
Growing up I always loved art. For birthdays I always wanted pads of drawing paper and color pencils. So as I got older, I made it a career. My day job, I'm an art director for a national furniture company. Although, I love what I do, I wanted to create for myself. I created House Fenway. A merge of my love for home interiors and creating decor and art.
What is a fun fact about yourself?
I married my high school sweetheart and we've been together for 22 years.
What would you like customers to know most about you?
I love the challenge of a custom order and to have a color palette or style I can make buying to match.

Melissa's Art  and products are simply gorgeous and I adore everything in her shop!  To see more of her work visit:

Also check out her Instagram that is chalk full of amazing photos and products at: