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Hazel Grey

I met these amazing ladies on Instagram when we collaborated for a giveaway a couple of months ago.  Not only do they have GORGEOUS products but they also go out of their way to help their customers.  They readily helped make a  custom product that would fit into our box and have become not just a featured small business but ladies that I would call friends!  Check out their Interview below and get to know more about these amazing sisters!

Introducing Allison and Janice from Hazel Grey

Is there a special meaning behind your business name?
Long story short we are sisters and we both have <Hazel> eyes....When we started our page we had no idea in what directions we were headed... so we weren't strictly black or white ... we were somewhere in the middle-<grey>... lol
Where are you located?
We are located in sunny Southern California
Tell us about your roots! What drove you to start your business and when was it started?
We started our business in 2014. We have always loved diy projects, but In all honesty we had no intentions of starting a business. We originally started our ig account to feature items we were making for ourselves/our homes etc. not too long after we started our account, we started getting messages along the lines of "hey can you make me something like this?" And we would always say YES ...( I don't think we've ever said no hahah)....friends would order things and then their friends would order and so on...we didn't open an etsy account right away either. The thought of doing so was intimidating, but we were asked so often why we didn't have one. So about a year into it, we finally caved and opened our Etsy account. It's been a fun experience! We absolutely love our customers and love even more that they continue to support us ... we know they can shop and buy from anyone so we appreciate them more than anything!!!!
What is a fun fact about yourself?
Most people think we are twins :)
What would you like customers to know most about you?
We would love for customers to know how much we appreciate them! We are so thankful for them every day! We also want them to know we may or may not be addicted to caffeine 😇


To see more of their products go check out their Etsy store & follow them on Instagram:


Instagram: Hazel_Grey