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A Little Scrap Of Happy

I can't tell you how amazing Elizabeth is.  She is sweet, smart, has a big heart, and seriously just has one of those personalities that makes you become fast friends.  Learn more about her in her interview below!

Introducing Elizabeth Momb from A Little Scrap of Happy!!
Is there a special meaning behind your business name?
Coming up with the name was easier than I thought it would be! I started my shop with mainly paper goods - cards, gift tags, journals - and began practicing my hand lettering on scrap paper, or whatever I could grab around the house. Practicing on those little scraps made me so happy! So, I just started calling them my little scraps of happy, and there it was! Now that I work on mainly wood signs, I still consider my "scrap" wood little pieces of happy, too! :)
Where are you located?
San Jose, CA
Tell us about your roots! What drove you to start your business and when was it started?
I started my business in February of 2016. I had been a managing editor for a major college textbook publisher for 7 years. I also had a 5 year old just starting kindergarten. So, when my company moved to San Francisco - a commute I just couldn't do with a little one at home - I decided to leave the job I LOVED to be a full time mommy! Luckily I was able to freelance and still do! Being at home gave me a bit more time to play around with the crafts that I always loved, and thought I'd teach myself hand lettering. I'm no pro, that's for sure, but I have a style that's my own and have a great time doing it! I took the leap and started my Etsy shop, and have been building a great little business ever since! Not to mention the fantastic community of makers out there helping and supporting each other!
What is a fun fact about yourself?
I love to travel! My family of three takes off every summer on an adventure with lots of little trips in between. We love staying local and traveling far-and-wide! there are so many great places to see and new things to do we try to never visit the same spot twice! Well, we have a few favorites, but each summer is a new adventure, probably with WAY more driving than I'd like, but I guess that's just part of the fun!!
What would you like customers to know most about you?
I love what I do and put the greatest care into making sure that every order is just right and every customer knows how much I appreciate them! Every time someone makes a purchase I smile! Knowing that people like my creations and see value in them is so rewarding for me as a maker! I love having great customers and friends that believe in what I do and support me in my journey!
To See more of her products go to her Etsy & Follow her on Instagram:
Instagram:  @AlittleScrapofHappy